M&A can be an option for growth

If you’re a business owner, it’s safe to say you’ve spent years building your company. You’ve invested the proverbial blood, sweat and tears, and now you’re looking for way to continue growth – no small feat, especially during a pandemic. Organic growth has likely brought your business to where it is today, and you know it can be a slow and trying process.

There’s another avenue worth considering as a growth strategy: mergers and acquisitions. For such a small acronym, M&A often triggers anxiety for business owners, but in reality, it’s a viable option for rapid growth. COVID-19 has stymied global business growth across almost all industries, and it may be years before we see the pace of growth pick-up to pre-pandemic levels. This leaves many organizations struggling to execute their growth strategies, or even maintain existing operational levels.

This is where assessing mergers and acquisitions as a growth strategy begins to be worthwhile for many companies. When carefully considered, well planned, and meticulously executed, acquisition can be the path to a huge leap forwards – within your own industry, or into a new one.

There are so many things to consider on this path. Are you working with compatible business models and operating styles? Do all parties bring a secure and strong track record to the table? What does organic growth look like, post-merger or acquisition? Taking this leap can bring many benefits into the business – new talent, increased capital, wider reach, greater access to resources – but it must be done carefully.

A solid outsider perspective can help. An agency can assist you in working through the details and providing an objective assessment of risks and benefits before you move ahead with a major decision like this one. At Halkin Business partners, we bring extensive business and financial management acumen to the table. Assessing an M&A deal requires intensive due diligence on both sides, including ensuring full, detailed business valuations are available. Transparency is key to finding the right fit.

How can Halkin Business Partners help?

Whether you’re entertaining a current Merger or Acquisition deal, or simply considering whether this is a wise avenue to pursue as a growth strategy, Halkin Business Partners can assist. We offer services that cover due diligence, business valuation, negotiations, and more. Talk to one of our specialists today to see how we can help grow your business.