Is Systems Integration the key to Inventory Management Success?

When you think of inventory management, what comes to mind? A stock-take day used to be a tedious and manual process, hours upon hours of reconciling data and physically counting items. These days, we rely on technology to keep business inventory levels up to date. But is your system as efficient and synchronized as it could be?

Inventory for things like software licences, access points to key systems, and user accounts on paid services you use to run your business can be difficult to manage, especially across remote teams. Using a cloud-based inventory system offers a cost and time-saving solution. Having a proper management system means that you always have the right level of stock – whether that’s a real-world product or a software licence for a new employee – at the right time; when you or the customer needs it.

This is where cloud integration might be the tool you didn’t know you needed. Ensuring that all of your systems and processes are able to speak to one another in the cloud and that all of your employees have immediate access to real-time information is a potentially game-changing way to uplift your business. Nothing is more important than knowing your data is reflecting the state of your business accurately, in real-time.

Using a cloud-based system offers your business the flexibility to adapt and adjust to the changing business landscape quickly. With the current market conditions, adaptability to rapid change is valuable. In addition, you’re able to bring down your IT overheads, both in terms of required resources and staff.

At Halkin Business Partners, our cloud integration specialists are able to look at your business holistically to prescribe best-fit applications that will enhance efficiency and productivity, and provide you with real-time access to information and transparency into your business.

Some of the solutions our specialists are able to help you with include:

·         Point-of-sale

·         E-Commerce

·         Inventory Management

·         Cloud Accounting

·         Payroll & Rostering

·         Workflow and Job Management

·         CRM Solutions

If you’d like to reduce manual data entry, increase staff productivity, and streamline your business processes, then the automation that systems integration brings may be an ideal solution for your business. Our solutions at Halkin are proposed with scalability in mind, making sure your operating costs can be reduced well into the future.

How can Halkin Business Partners help?

At Halkin, our consultants have 20 years of experience working with SME clients. We are able to provide tailored advice on sales, operations, accounting and technology. With a deep understanding of business needs, we can offer the unique ability to view your business holistically and advise on the best in market, scalable technology solutions. See how we can help you create efficiencies so you can make better, more informed business decisions.